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Sagittarius Full Moon - Seduction of Soul Studio
sagittarius full moon

🌕 Full Moon 🌕 in the 🔥 fire sign of Sagittarius, the archer ♐️, on Monday, June 17th @3:31am CT.  

Sagittarius is the truth-seeker, it intensifies the quest for religious truth AND increases our connection to 🍄🌸🐚🐾nature + intuition so that it can find the meaning of life. Sag can cause a spontaneous desire for exploration, has a friendly and generous spirit, + is big on ethics in law-related matters.  

The Sagittarius Full Moon can assist with:

🏹 A philosophical, curious nature on a quest for spiritual truth, honesty and direct communication in all relationships, clear thinking.  

🏹 A connection to nature which opens up intuition, spiritual fulfillment, + peace of mind. 

🏹 Freedom + inspiration from spontaneity + adventure. Travel to foreign lands, optimistic exploration of new places.  

🏹 The law, lawsuits, court proceedings, legal workers, integrity of consciousness, ethics and morality in personal accountability.  

🏹 Optimism, faith + gallantry, positive expectation on situations + events, generosity, luck + friendly relationships.  

🏹 Physical, athletic, stamina. 

🏹 Higher education, philosophical viewpoints, spiritual education, seeking answers + truth, finding solutions. 

🏹 Bodily areas of the hips, liver, thighs + upper legs. The health of sciatica.  


Sagittarius out of balance can cause carelessness. You might take shortcuts, make excuses, or procrastinate. Your behavior may be self-righteous, argumentative, + blunt, or impatient + difficult. Fast talking without thinking can cause foot-in-mouth syndrome + hurt feelings. 


While the Full Moon is best for celebrating and sharing completion and releasing what no longer serves you, the SagittariusFull Moon is also a good time to look for guidance from your higher power, your spiritual truth, + your intuitive connection. Let yourself connect with nature and find freedom and inspiration from spontaneous travel + adventure.  

👉 If you find yourself getting burnt out from all work and no play, let the Sagittarius Full Moon help you loosen up 🥳 and enjoy life 💃💅🥂🤸‍♀️🎨.