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Kind Words - Seduction of Soul Studio

Kind words

Kind words + gratitudes from my clients and students…

My dear, 
I wanted to give you the feedback that your oracles are getting stronger and more specific and accurate by the year. I don’t know about your other clients but specifically for me they are 1000% accurate. It is incredible! Already last year was very to the point. 2018 is to the point by the minute. I am sure it also has a lot to do with my work and with the way I have changed! 

You’ve helped me more than anything else I’ve done this year… this is working on me on the insides.

Kim S.

I am a Creatrix. Whether it’s visual arts, music, jewelry, or even cooking, I am always up for creation. But after a devastating vocal injury left me unable to perform musically (my primary passion and source of income) while rehabilitating for 8 months, I hit an all time low and spiraled deep into a depression. I stopped writing music, I couldn’t perform, I didn’t pick up my guitar, I stopped drawing, painting, and creating altogether. I felt dead. Jen recommended we try a Soul Art Journey, and i agreed, with little expectation. 10 days after our journey, which was mind blowing by the way, I wrote a song for the first time in 2 years. I didn’t think much of it, because I wasn’t super impressed by it, but I was just happy to be unclogging the proverbial creative pipe. Well, it’s been about 3 months since our journey and I have since won a songwriting contest, launched a new art business, and am currently writing a book. If that’s not evidence of the power of Soul Art, I don’t know what else is. I spent over a year consumed by depression, which left me creatively barren, and now I have so many ideas that I can’t get them into motion quick enough! I cannot thank Jen enough for her guidance!

Dannica Lowery

Creatrix, www.dannicoyote.com

that is a DAMN good pep talk.  i’m gonna do this.  and i’m going to put it behind me as best i can. i did summon it, and it was something i needed, and had to experience. maybe for the last time? ceremonially?  i dunno. even so, i did get some good things form the experience. but i am done with it… and whatever i can do to help you make a MINT off your work & your business, i am IN.  everything you have done for your business & moreover, for yourself is paying off. you’re the same person i’ve always known, but you are TEN TIMES stronger, more balanced and more accessible than you’ve ever been, and just getting more so.  you deserve to succeed in this, because you’ve done the work and you ARE tuned in. i’m proud of you. and i SO GREATLY appreciate you. “

A. Reid

Senior Designer/Illustrator, Athlon Media Group

My main purpose behind joining Jen’s workshop was pretty simple. Being in the marketing world, I have plenty of chances to be creative digitally but unfortunately lost touch with my physically creative self. Finding a workshop that revolved around and was ironically named ‘Ignite Your Creative Spirit’, sounded like a no brainer to me. Well the workshop not only allowed me to connect with my physically creative self through the use of paints and colored pencils, but I connected or was enlighted[sic] on sides and feeling of myself I’ve been avoiding. Being someone who verbally has a hard time expressing emotion/feeling, it was able to come out and surface another way & I’m truly excited to see where continued session with Jen will take me, my soul, & how I will grow as an individual.

Jen Deeb

Social Media Manager, www.webrandusolutions.com

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