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Don't miss these six important clues in an oracle card reading - Seduction of Soul Studio

Photo by Jen Blumenthal. Cards in photo from Sacred Rebels Deck by Alana Fairchild

Would you believe that only a very small part of an oracle card reading actually has to do with the cards? It’s true!

There’s so much more “gold” available when you expand your awareness beyond the cards and begin to incorporate the other clues being offered into your reading.

Below I’ve given you the basics on some of the clues available to you in a reading from the cards, the client, the environment, and even from yourself.

If you want to learn more about working with the plethora of clues available in a reading in detail and with depth, we dive deep into these clues and more in Wise Oracle Academy. Learn more about the Academy here.

The clues in the cards

Let’s start with the obvious and most common first: the clues in the cards. Even though there are so many clues available beyond the cards, there are not shortage of clues from the cards themselves.

Here are 3 clues you can pull out of the cards:


color clues

Cards from Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck by Tori Hartman

Color is linked to psychology and emotion, so the colors on the cards can tell you a bunch of important information.

And you don’t have to identify every color on a card, but notice which color first caught your eye, which is the most dynamic, which colors are making patterns, or which colors pop out at you. Use those colors to form the basis for your reading.

And what do the colors mean? There are standard understandings of what colors mean, but more importantly, what do the colors mean to you? What memories or understandings or stories do they trigger?

For example, seeing blue might remind you of the time you spend at the ocean, and you know that when you’re near the ocean is when you feel your best. How does this knowing and recognition relate to the reading? (because, trust me, it does) Turn that story and those feelings into part of the message for your client.

Talk about what the colors mean to you in your readings and ask what they mean to your client as well. You’ll be surprised at how much meaning can come from color alone.

Each color can mean MANY different things and in Wise Oracle Academy you learn how to tap into the meaning that’s right for you, but to help you get started you can download a free color and number guide to start using right away in your readings.

You’ll notice on the guide that there are 2 “positive” qualities and 1 “negative” quality for each color. You get to decide which quality is most meaningful in your readings.


number clues

Cards from Enchanted Map Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Numbers have specific frequencies and those frequencies are information we can use in readings.

All numbers can be broken down into single digits, and I like to break numbers down into their single digit and the “special” numbers: 10, 11, 22, 33.

So, if you pull card number 53, then you would add the digits until you get to a single number. So, 5+3=8 which means the 53 card has an “8 energy.”

Or take card number 48. 4+8=12 and then 1+2=3. So the 48 card has a “3 energy.”

Or card number 29… 2+9=11 and 11 is a “special” master number. Then 1+1=2. So card #29 would have the energy of both 11 and 2.

You can add significant and helpful information to a reading using the energy and meaning of the numbers.

Just like colors, numbers can have many meanings, but to help you get started using numbers and colors in your reading, I made you a free color and number guide that you can start using right away.

We learn all about number energy and 9 more types of symbols that can be found on the cards in the Academy.


word clues

Cards from Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray

Not all cards have words printed on them, but for those that do, the words written on the cards can provide obvious meaning as well as triggering deeper meanings for both the reader and the recipient.

Some cards have a single word on them from which you can get a mental image or a feeling. Other cards have phrases on them that can provide a sense of meaning for the card.

Words have the power to trigger memories or poke at our beliefs. The societal definition of a word can provide a common understanding of what the card means, or maybe the word on the card can also be used as a slang term that changes the direction of a reading to something entirely different.

I once had a reader nervously say the word “petunia” to me. She told me she had no idea why she was supposed to say this word to me and was a little embarrassed to say something that felt silly to her.

I knew exactly what she meant as soon as she said the word. I chuckled and said “Petunia is my dog. That’s not her real name but that’s one of her most common nicknames. I even sing her a song that goes with that nickname.”

Tiny, aka Petunia, had not been feeling well and because the reader tuned into through a single word, we were able to have a good talk about how to make her feel better.

If all you know is colors, numbers, and words, you can still give a decent card reading. But there’s more.

In Wise Oracle Academy we dive into 10 different types of clues in the cards including symbology revealed in the images, both in individual cards and cards combined in a spread.

Oracle cards aren’t just pretty pictures. They are a world of symbology and energy that connect you to archetypal wisdom and universal knowledge, so the more you understand how to extract the important symbols in the cards, the more transformational and profound your readings become.

The clues in the client

Just because you’re doing an “oracle card” reading doesn’t mean the only clues come from the cards.

Everything, and I do mean EVERYthing in your reading session is fair game as clues or information.

So what clues might the client give you?

How about body language, energy, emotions, reactions, eye contact, and words? Yep. All of that.

The best way to describe this is to give you an example.

I was once doing an oracle card reading for someone who kept looking out the window, looking at her watch, looking over my shoulder and down the hall. She was everywhere except in the reading with me.

That was a big clue so I told her about it. I explained how she was so distracted and her energy was everywhere at once. She wasn’t able to be present and that meant that she was never going to be able to accomplish what she wanted to accomplish because she couldn’t keep her attention on it long enough to accomplish it.

Her life showed chaos, her body language showed chaos, and guess what. Her cards reflected that truth in her life and showed chaos as well.

So, look up from the cards and notice the clues coming from your client because they can be powerful information that either inform or backup the cards.

The clues in the environment

What’s going on around you during your reading? Or what is distracting you or getting your attention?

These are clues as well and several stories of environmental clues pop into my mind as I write this because it’s more common than you might think!

This happened in one of my psychic development classes and I can hear the sound in my head to this day as clearly as I heard it in class…

The teacher had placed various items in paper bags and we were practicing reading what was in the bags with our partners.

I was holding one of the paper bags and in it was a small alarm clock.

As my partner sat there staring at my paper bag trying to read what was in it, I suddenly realize how loudly I could hear the ticking of the clock in the room. I mean it was LOUD like someone had turned it up to be louder than everything else!

I didn’t move. I didn’t say anything. I just remember thinking ‘geez, that clock is going to give it away’ and sure enough she said “all I can hear is that clock. Is it a clock?”

I was floored!!!

So, did she pick up on the clock ticking? Or did she pick up on me thinking hard about the noise the clock was making? Who knows, but the point is, it was a clue in the environment that had absolutely nothing to do with the reading that provided the information that was needed.

This doesn’t mean you have to consciously pay attention to everything around you, but if something in the environment gets your attention, realize that it’s probably for a reason and take it as a clue.

Oh, and this is also a great example of the psychic sense of clairaudience (clear hearing) and the “clairs” are another thing we explore in the Academy. I have one simple meditation that helps you tap into every one of your clairs so you can learn which of your psychic senses are the strongest for you to tap into the messages being delivered for your client (or yourself).

The clues in you

The last clues I want to talk about are the clues you yourself provide.

These clues come in the ways of feelings, emotions, sensations, visions that pop into your mind that don’t match what you see on the cards, pains you suddenly get, and then even things like songs, speeches or stories that pop into your mind even though they don’t seem to relate.

Any of these things could be clues to be used in the message you deliver to the client, or they may trigger something deeper for the client.

For instance, there was a time I was giving a reading and in the middle of the reading I suddenly got really nervous.

I wasn’t nervous for me. I was half way through the reading and everything was going fine.

I knew that suddenly feeling nervous was a clue. I was picking up on the client being nervous about message I had just delivered.

So I asked him about what I had just said “does that make you nervous?” to which he replied “YES!”

His nerves to what I had just delivered were such an automatic response for him that he put up walls of resistance and didn’t even realize it.

But because I picked up on the clue, I was able to ask him about it and we talked through the issue until he got the information he needed to let go of his resistance to his situation and move forward in his life.

And by the way, this is an example of the psychic sense of clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling). If you want to learn more about developing your psychic senses, check out the Academy.

Putting it all together

As you can see, there are a wealth of clues available to you in a reading and some of the very powerful clues don’t even come from the cards!

If you loved learning about these clues and you want more in-depth lessons and video tutorials to teach you how to spot all of the clues and take your readings to the next level, then check out Wise Oracle Academy. Enrollment only opens a few times per year.