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How to Be Best Friends With Mercury Retrograde - Seduction of Soul Studio

best friends with mercury retrogradeYou’ve probably heard this already, but let’s review:

As the planets orbit, there are times, from our view point, that a planet appears to stop going forward and start traveling backward. This is referred to as retrograde. All planets go retrograde at times, and while they’re not really moving backward, it appears that they are.

For some reason, this affects us in different ways and Mercury, in particular, seems to affect us the most. Mercury goes retrograde 3 or 4 times per year for about 3 1/2 weeks at a time. What’s more, there’s a shadow period before and after the actual retrograde where we might still feel its effects (for a total of about 8 weeks each time).


Mercury rules communication, travel and electronics, and when it appears to travel backward in the sky, all those things go backward too. Think of it like trying to back up your pickup truck when you’re pulling a trailer. It can be difficult to get the trailer to go in the right direction (especially when you’re first learning), and easy to make it go all wonky and jackknife!

It’s sort of like that. When Mercury goes retrograde, things start to back up but the energy can get tangled up and that’s when things start acting strange and unexplainable.

So, the usual advice to “survive” Mercury Retrograde is this: DO this and DON’T do that.

+ sign contracts.
+ take things personally that people say (because people don’t say what they mean or mean what they say – in the case of my husband and me yesterday!)
+ travel (if you can avoid it) – or be sure to leave yourself lots of extra time for travel screw-ups, delays, lost luggage and missing reservations.
+ leave your data unprotected or un-backed up.
+ buy big-ticket items.
+ start new projects.

DO all of the “RE” things:
+ REview projects you’re working on…
+ REpeat yourself and speak clearly…
+ RElaunch old products in your business…
+ REhearse before you say something that might be taken the wrong way…
+ REminisce about your past. You might learn something new…
+ REconnect with old friends and spend some time enjoying life…

But, I’m not really here to REhash all of this common information about “dealing with” and “surviving” Mercury Retrograde.

I want to give you something new to play with… something to make Mercury Retrograde your new best friend and something you look forward to because these periods of time have some energies that you can use to your advantage.

(By the way, if you want more info about Mercury Retrograde that I didn’t cover, there are lots of details out there about it, so ask Google to enlighten you a bit more.)

Let’s move on to the fun stuff…

What is Mercury Retrograde good for?

From now on, I’m gonna refer to Mercury Retrograde as “ME” time.

Mercury is believed to teach us flexibility, quick thinking and patience (and most people I know could use more of that – me included!). So, we’re most in harmony with Mercury during retrograde when we slow down, relax and go with the flow.

And when we slow down, relax and go with the flow, we have the time and energy to focus on ourselves.

The most exciting thing (to me) about Mercury Retrograde is that this is a time when our inner awareness is heightened, our psychic instruments are more sensitive and the veil is thinned. It feels as though Mercury has gone down into the Underworld where we’re closer to spirit. It’s dark in the Underworld so our other senses become hyper-aware. So take advantage of this and use them!

It is during this time – the glorious three-and-a-half week period that’s gifted to us 3 or 4 times a year – that we want to slow down, relax, go inward, nurture ourselves and feed our Souls by connecting with Spirit. Use this time to meditate, speak with your spirit guides, open up your intuition, develop your psychic senses and get in real touch with your Soul.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve had 2 amazing meditation sessions with my spirit guides that have brought me more clarity in my business than the entire last year combined. They speak so freely if you just ask! And when the veil is thin and our psychic abilities are in hyperdrive, it’s easy to get clear, detailed information about whatever you ask.

I would love for you to experience this – especially during Mercury Retrograde – so I want to walk you through the process I use to talk with my spirit guides.

Try this!

You’ll need:
+ a quiet place to sit where you’ll be undisturbed for however long you want to meditate
+ your journal and a pen(cil)
+ (optional) crystals, talisman, feathers, Buddha statue, or whatever else you desire in your presence as you work with spirit. What makes you feel good and connected? Bring that.

Here are the steps I take:

Dim the lights in the room (remember, you need some light so you can write in your journal), light a candle, burn some sage or incense – whatever makes you feel good here and lets your mind relax.

Sit in a comfortable position. I usually start out sitting cross-legged on the floor, but after a while my left leg starts to fall asleep so I straighten my legs. Typical advice is to keep your hands, feet and legs uncrossed, but I sit both ways. Again, do what feels good to you.

Write down a series of questions in your journal. Sometimes I have questions saved up to ask; sometimes I just ask whatever comes to me in the moment. Either way is fine. Do what feels right in the moment.

Start to meditate. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Listen to it going in and out, steadily, rhythmically. No need to breathe in a special way here. Just relax, breathe normally and tune in to its rhythm. Begin to relax yourself by feeling your muscles physically relax and release. Do this as long as you intuitively feel you need to – usually a minute or two. Don’t be in a hurry here. You’ll know when to stop.

Open with a prayer to surround yourself in white light. Ask Archangel Michael to be present for protection. Invite in your group of spirit guides (I call mine my “council” or my “Soul Team”) to talk with you and give you the guidance you’re looking for.

Start asking your questions. Speak them aloud (it’s ok to open your eyes and read the questions you’ve written down). Open yourself up and listen for the answers. Be patient. Just sit and allow whatever’s going to come to come.

Begin writing whatever comes to you whether it makes sense or not.

My answers in my channeling sessions mainly come in the form of thoughts (claircognizance) about 98% of the time. I begin writing whatever comes to me whether it relates to my question or not… whether it makes sense or not. I sometimes feel sensations in my body that give me information. For example, I can feel an empty, open feeling just above my solar plexus when the answer has been completed for a question and I need to move on to the next one. When I’m receiving thought information related to my question, I feel a slight pressure in that area of my body that lets me know the information is correct for me. I call this spot above my solar plexus my “knowledge spot.” Tune in to your whole body for information.

When information seems to stop flowing, close your eyes again and let your body relax. Check in with your “knowledge spot” to find out when to move on to the next question and when you’re done with the session.

Review what you’ve written and pan it for gold.

Even on not-so-good channeling days, I’ll get at least 1 nugget of wisdom out of my session that’s helpful. On really good days (like the last 2 channeling sessions I’ve done), I get LOTS of great information. I know it’s good information because it makes me excited and it makes complete sense for the question once I read it over. Lots of times, the questions I ask are questions I’ve thought about before, but never could find the answers from trying to think it through. When I let go of control and go inward to make that spiritual connection with my Soul Team – that’s when the brilliance really shines through!

Try it and share your results with us on FB! It can be a super fun experiment with amazing results.

From here on out, I want you to refuse to worry about the effects of Mercury Retrograde. I want you to quit worrying about “surviving” Mercury Retrograde. Who wants to send out that energy into the Universe anyway? Just forget about it! And if something happens, laugh and say “good one, Mercury!”

Instead, mark your calendars for the remainder of the Mercury Retrograde dates this year and set a reminder to use the time to open up and get closer to spirit. During each three-and-a-half week period throughout the year, take time to slow down and relax. Set aside decisions you need to make and deals you need to close. Unplug yourself. Talk to the trees. Step into the undulating rhythm of the Universe. Find your flow. Open yourself to the richness of wisdom available to you just beneath the surface. Close your eyes and go deep.

Think of Mercury like your best friend, leaving little gifts for you throughout the year… treasures in time and a ripe environment for going beyond the veil. These mini spiritual vacations will help you integrate further into spirit, provide renewal and recharging, and ignite your inner wisdom like never before.

Indeed, change your thinking about Mercury Retrograde. Raise your arms to embrace him rather than raise a sword to fight him. Follow the flow of his energy and you’ll come through with stronger intuition, guidance and rejuvenation.

Really, what’s not to love about the magic of Mercury Retrograde?

Mark your calendars for the Mercury Retrograde dates for the rest of 2019 + 2020:

Oct 31 – Nov 20, 2019
Feb 18 – Mar 9, 2020
Jun 17 – Jul 12, 2020
Oct 13 – Nov 3, 2020

and schedule in some ME time during these Mercury Retrograde episodes to take care of yourself.

To your inner wisdom,