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Don't run from scary oracle cards. They have something to teach you. - Seduction of Soul Studio

scary oracle cardsAt the beginning of each year, I do an Enchanted Year Blueprint reading for myself using a variety of oracle cards.The reading includes 3 cards—1 card from 3 different decks—for each month of the year, plus 3 cards for the overall theme of the year.

This year when I did my EYB reading, my August cards… well, they basically scared the crap out of me. By themselves, each card is relatively harmless, but put them together like this in a reading and they looked like scary oracle cards.

Here they are. What do you think?

scary oracle cardsDoesn’t look so good, does it?

What was going on in my life at the time I did this reading was that my oldest dog, Tiny, (who is one of my soulmates) was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease—an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure.

Tiny was going down hill and it seemed like every day something new was wrong with her.

I was watching her deteriorate and there wasn’t much I could do about it (we were working with the vet and getting the best treatment we could).

And then I pulled these cards:

{1} GRIEF – showing a woman grieving the loss of her dog.
{2} WATER – which represents emotions, the deep subconscious, and intuition. Given the other 2 cards, I was going with emotions, as in, I was going to be emotional.
{3} COMING APART – yeah, that’ll pretty much be me when my baby girl soulmate crosses over the rainbow bridge.

OMG. My heart sank (and it was already pretty low to begin with).

I had 8 more months with my baby girl, I thought. And then I was going to fall apart with her death. Well, shit.

And then life went on. And we got her stabilized and she started feeling better. And I started feeing better.

While she isn’t restored to the health and vitality she once had, she feels pretty good and she’s happy. And her happiness is the most important thing for me.

So life went on and then…

I have 3 dogs and life was going along pretty well, until in the spring, dog #3 (Elaine) started attacking dog #2 (Tyrone).

At first it was only related to food. Ok, no problem. They get separated when food is involved.

And then in July it escalated. It started happening at random times unrelated to food and it scared me to death.

And the worst part was that it only happened when I was around so I knew it was related to my energy and something that I was doing (or not doing).

(and, thank you loves, but I don’t need any more advice about dogs, dog behavior, pack leadership, or my energy)

Back to my August oracle cards…

I’m still looking at a card with a woman grieving the loss of her dog, deep emotions, and coming apart.

With the way Elaine and Tyrone were behaving, would it be one of them I lost in August?

My anxiety went through the roof.

And yet…

I had an inner knowing, as quiet as it was, that this was just a lesson.

That everyone would be fine and I would figure it out. That this was a chance for ME to heal something within me.

And so I decided to dig into these cards a little further to see what they were really offering me beyond what I could see.

I looked in the booklets for each deck to see what the authors of the cards had to offer.

scary oracle cards{1} GRIEF – “What we reveal, we can heal. Give yourself time: you will love again. If you honor your pain, it will change your life. Is lingering grief preventing me from progress? What can I see in my heart?”

{2} WATER – “There may be an aspect of your life that is feeling blocked or stuck right now. Listen closely and pay attention to your emotions. Be mindful of your moods and emotions… allow them to flow through you instead of burying or ignoring them.”

{3} COMING APART – “The Coming Apart card is a sign to put an end to what is no longer working for you… This is a perfect time to reassess your goals and values. Are your actions in alignment with what you believe in? Separation brings good fortune.”

So, yes, there may be sadness. There may be emotions that are blocking me from moving forward.

There may be old wounds that I haven’t yet dealt with. BUT…

That doesn’t mean something tragic is going to happen. It could be that something old is going to surface to finally be healed and THAT would be amazing.

But the saga continues…

The more I worked with these cards, the less afraid I became of facing whatever energy August brings… the less these looked like scary oracle cards.

But one morning in mid-July I woke up to a message from my mom: “Nonny (my grandmother) has been put on Hospice. You should call her. She would love that.”

My grandmother is going to be 88 years old—in August!—and I don’t know if she will live long enough to see that birthday.

Could that be the grief I will experience? Is there some family karma that will show up in August to heal?

At this point, I really have no idea what those cards are showing me that I’ll face in August.

So what is the point?

scary oracle cardsSo what is the point of all of this? Why would I pull these cards in January and pay any attention to what they show me in August?

And how is it help me to see these scary oracle cards coming for 8 months? Doesn’t it just give me something else to worry about for all that time?

Not in the least. It is SO helpful to have advanced notice of what energy is coming.

By knowing in advance, I have plenty of time to study my cards and the energy that’s at play in my life.

By getting to work with and explore the upcoming energy so much, I’ve been able to see patterns in my life leading up to what’s coming.

I’ve had time to work on ways to deal with big emotions, to let go, and to heal the things that surface.

I’ve deepened my relationship with my Higher Self and can easily access the Divine wisdom and guidance that is offered to me through my oracle cards (so I can use my cards to give me even more information than those scary oracle cards provided).

I’ve had time to do ancestral and family healing ceremonies.

I’ve gotten to explore the cosmic energies (moon cycles, astrology, eclipses, mercury retrograde, and other planetary energies) and how they are affecting me and my life.

My intuition has sharpened drastically.

I’ve gone deep into the Soul Art process to learn by experience how to let go of my emotions instead of letting them get stuck inside of me.

I’ve built a community of support so that I have help if and when I need it.

I’ve learned how to recognize messages, signs, symbols, and patterns that are speaking to me.

And I’ve learned how to use and trust my oracle cards to bring healing and growth in my life. I absolutely LOVE the relationship I have with my cards now!!

So whether I lose one of my dogs or my grandmother in August, an old wound surfaces to be healed, or another lesson shows up for me to work through, I know that I have the tools, practices, and rituals to work through it and come out even better than before on the other side.

You deserve this too.

I want you to experience the blessing of working with oracle cards too. They are a magnifying glass, a truth-teller, a portal to the Divine, a teacher.

Oracle cards are an amazing tool for accessing divine wisdom, guidance, and teachings in your life.

I would encourage you to get some oracle cards and start using them in your daily life to deepen your own relationship with the Divine and develop your channel for receiving guidance.

Play with your cards to learn how they communicate with you so that you can get the most out of them.

And if you need help with your readings, understanding scary oracle cards, interpreting your cards, or would like a professional reading to dive deep into the energies working in your life keeping you stuck or propelling you forward, you can book a reading here.

What is your experience with oracle cards? How much do you use them? Do you understand the messages the share with you? Do you trust your intuition to tell you what the REAL message is for you?