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My top 7 favorite oracle card decks - Seduction of Soul Studio
favorite oracle card decks
Image Credit: Dayne Topkin

In my collection of 34 oracle card decks and counting (!) a few of them stand out as my favorites of all time! Would you like to know what my favorite oracle card decks are and why?

Here’s the list of my top 6 favorite oracle card decks. I hope this will inspire you to try out some new cards!

#1: Galactic Heritage Cards* by Lyssa Royal Holt

By far my absolute favorite deck that I own, this deck is described as “the first and only of their kind…” and this is right!

The box says “This 108-card divination system, based on material from Lyssa Royal’s groundbreaking book The Prism of Lyra, is designed to help you tap into your star lineage and karmic patterns while revealing lessons brought to Earth from the stars and how those lessons can be used in your life on Earth now.”

I love 2 things about this deck: the connection to other star systems and the clear way this deck shows life lessons and karmic patterns.

If you feel like you have connections to other star systems, or have cosmic light beings on your spirit team, try this deck because it will help you understand those connections (and yourself) better.

And if you want to know the big lessons or karmic patterns playing out in your life, this deck is great for that too.

My favorite way to to work with this deck is to have a conversation with it. In our conversations, the cards will help me understand the lesson I’m working on and help me move through it.

I love the book that comes with this deck. It’s great at clearly describing the lesson, the star system that has also dealt with this lesson, and how it may pertain to your life.

I use the book with this particular deck almost every time I do a reading with these cards because I love the explanations so much.

#2: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards* by Tori Hartman

This was one of the earliest decks I bought and I love them for a few reasons:

I love that they represent the chakras, are bright and colorful, and the simple images provide easy intuitive access.

These cards have different levels. You can easily glean the story by looking at the card, you can add in the characteristics and meaning of the associated chakra, and you can use Tori’s write up in the included book.

They allow you to go as deep or stay as shallow as you want, and they provide helpful guidance no matter what level you choose.

I often use these cards with clients who are new to readings because they are so colorful and “friendly.”

Even the cards that could be construed as “negative” (like ‘victim’, ‘grief’, or ‘isolation’) are accessible and inviting because of their colorful and simple imagery.

The included booklet includes information about each chakra (and there are 7 cards associated with each chakra), a brief summary of each card’s meaning, the story for each card as channeled by Tori, inspiration and personal inquiry questions to go deeper within the card’s meaning, key ideas, keywords, and a simple meditation exercise for each card.

I absolutely love this deck and use it often for myself, my students, and my clients!

#3: Sacred Rebels Oracle* by Alana Fairchild

One of the deeper decks I use, I refer to this deck when wanting to see through the shadows into the deeper meaning of our spiritual work.

We sometimes walk through pain and suffering and this deck can shed light on the transfiguration that’s happening under the surface.

It also is a call to action and guidebook for all sacred rebels who wish to live a life of creative, sacred expression in service to humanity and the universe through living an authentic life.

Alana is big on our creative awakening and proclaims that we are both the artist and the art, and this deck reflects our becoming so beautifully.

As described in the included booklet “Wherever you are on this journey, this deck has been created for the sacred rebel you are. It will support you as you discover your creative potential, develop your current creative gifts and live more rebelliously from your heart. As you use this oracle you will gain the confidence you need to go deeper into yourself, your creative process of growth and come to trust in your own inner wisdom.”

If you are journeying into the heart of your inner wise woman, this deck is a must!

#4: Spirit Animal Oracle* by Colette Baron-Reid

I have one word to describe this deck: GORGEOUS!

Seriously, this deck is so gorgeous I just want to eat it. (Ok, not really, but it’s really, really gorgeous!)

This deck takes what might otherwise be average photos of animals and adds rich color backgrounds and swipes, intricate mandalas, tribal symbolism and illustrated ornamentation to these photos that make them feel so sacred and special.

The guidebook contains succinct but meaningful and powerful messages for both the upright and reversed versions of each card.

If you feel deeply connected to animals and love animal symbolism combined with tribal symbols and a feminine flair, then this deck is a must!

#5: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards* by Kyle Gray

I’ve never been much attracted to decks depicting any types of spirit guides or angels, but this deck spoke to me and I had to get it.

I’m so glad I did!

Kyle describes the Keepers of the Light as “a powerful congregation of ascended and enlightened beings who are dedicated to the nurturing of the world.”

And I’ve loved going to this deck when I need to call on a guide for assistance and want someone who specializes in what I need.

This beautifully illustrated deck contains both feminine and masculine guides.

Each guide comes with a key phrase and summary on the card, as well as a short “bio” in the included booklet to get to know the guide and an extended message (which always seems to be exactly what I need when I need it!)

Use this deck when you want to call on some powerful, ascended, enlightened assistance in your life and you will have your wish!

#6: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards* by Kyle Gray

Another deck by Kyle Gray, this one also depicts guides, and lots of other things as well.

Truth be told, I haven’t had this deck for long and I’m still getting to know it, so I don’t quite know its superpowers yet, but I’m very drawn to it nonetheless.

The interesting things about this deck is that it’s broken into categories and there are a number of cards within each category.

The categories included are:
*The Sacred Ones – these are 30 wise ones of both masculine and feminine energies including shamans, medicine people, laypeople, warriors, and merchants from all over the land who offer guidance and insight from their own experience to support your path in life.

*Guardians and Messengers – these are 12 guardian spirits — both masculine and feminine — who bring guidance and healing so you can live a fulfilling life aligned with your highest truth.

*Warrior Symbols – these are 9 symbols that can be used like nature omens to help you understand what you need to do next for your growth.

*Seasons – these are 4 cards that “bring messages to help you move into the flow of life and can also indicate the timing of a message in a linear sense… All seasons also bring their own medicine…”

A reading combining these divine forces is powerful indeed and I absolutely love what this deck has shared with me thus far.

#7: Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck* by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcella Lobos

While I love this deck, I don’t use it as often as my other favorites as it’s a bit more on the dark and heavy side.

Not a lot – it’s not at all a “dark” deck, yet it gives off an energy of being deeper and more serious than my other decks.

It’s not something that I use for a casual ‘what’s up today?’ sort of reading. It’s the deck I go to when I really want to know what’s bubbling under the surface.

The colors are rich and deep and often subdued or shadowed.

There’s typically a main image on the card but the artwork is so intricate that the card is filled with tiny, half-formed symbols and details — almost as if the energy around the main image has been caught mid-shape shift or is beginning to show through the veil and is not quite revealed yet.

Anyway, it’s too much for this impatient Aries to spend too much time on.

Since it takes extra time, effort, attention, and energy to intuitively read from this deck, I often refer to the messages in the guidebook which I happen to thoroughly enjoy as the guidebook offers the essence of the symbol on the card, an invitation (for when the card is upright), and medicine (for when the card is reversed).

Although this deck has a heavier, more serious energy, I still love it and find myself craving its wisdom some of the time.

It will definitely stay in my rotation of favorites.

So there you have it, my top 7 favorite oracle card decks… for now.

You never know when others will appear on the list; there are so many good ones out there and I just know I’ll continue adding to my collection.

What are your favorite oracle card decks? Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts about these and whatever you have in your collection.

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