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The 4 Unbreakable Spiritual Growth Rules - Seduction of Soul Studio

unbreakable spiritual growth rulesThere are 4 unbreakable spiritual growth rules, that is, if you want to grow as a person, as a spiritual being, or as a divine messenger of source.

And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re one of those people who want to grow, serve your purpose with vigor, and experience the unlimited abundance the universe offers in return.

So to light a lantern for the path ahead and help you avoid stumbling as much as possible, I want to share with you what I consider to be the 4 unbreakable spiritual growth rules.

The rules are “unbreakable” because they’re like the spiritual laws of the universe. This is just how they work. You can’t do anything to change them, but you CAN be aware of them and use that awareness to help you progress through them on your journey.

The truth about your spiritual journey

A spiritual journey can be daunting. It can seem like you’ll never get there.

You’ll wonder why there are others all around you who seem to be on the other side of it living lives full of passion, purpose, money, and pure and utter bliss that you can’t seem to find.

You’ll wonder why it’s not working for you and why you aren’t doing more work and why you aren’t progressing faster and why your life doesn’t seem to be changing.

…maybe this should be the 5th unbreakable rule: all of the whys and worries that we pass through on our journeys.

But for now just consider it a gift to know what’s coming as you stretch and learn and grow. 🙂

Ok, let’s get on with it.

Here are my 4 unbreakable spiritual growth rules (and some insider tips on how to maneuver them).

Rule #1: You have to show up and do the work

Perhaps the biggest unbreakable rule of all: you have to show up and DO THE WORK. I cannot stress this enough.

You CANNOT grow and develop yourself, become a better version of yourself, heal your wounds, or remember who you truly are and why you are here by just reading books or articles on the internet.


You also can’t think your way out of this. You just can’t. Your mind is stubborn and limited and it takes an intervention by your Soul to uplevel your trajectory.

You have to show up, roll your sleeves up, get messy, and do the work.

Doing the work involves cleaning up your energy and thoughts, digging into your subconscious and its limiting beliefs, reprogramming your mind, learning how your energy functions so that you can act in accordance with what revitalizes you, learning the language of your Soul and your intuition so that you can receive higher level communication and guidance, tuning into your inner compass, getting to know your truth, learning to speak with your creative voice, healing your many, many wounds, and more.

And as you do this messy, sometimes ugly, sometimes mundane work, you will stumble. You will fall off. Your subconscious mind will try to keep you in your tiny comfort zone and will pull you backward to the “old” you.

And when that happens you need to notice what’s happened *without judgment*, recommit to yourself, show up again, and do the work.

And you do it over and over and over.

The more you repeat this cycle, the easier and more rewarding it gets.

And it works. But only if you show up and do the work.

Rule #2: It (almost) always gets worse before it gets better.

I’m gonna be honest. Healing your wounds can be messy and painful. You can have what’s called a “healing crisis.”

Healing requires you to look at all the painful things you’ve avoided for so long, feel them, deal with them, and let them move through you.

Sometimes it requires repeated forgiveness work, and energy work, and lots of cleansing tears.

Healing work is not really fun, but Oh. My. Goddess. Is it ever awesome on the other side.

Healing a wound can bring absolutely awe-inspiring change: sudden release of pain — both emotional and physical — that you’ve been carrying around forever (and I mean, the long-term pain is suddenly GONE), rapid weight loss, healing of chronic illness, a sudden influx of money or business, increased energy, rejuvenating sleep, better digestion, release of depression, clearing of clutter, new and better relationships, new and better material possessions, and more.

Until you have healed something, you have no idea just how much that wound has hurt you.

So I can’t encourage you enough to heal yourself. This is how you get to the ‘other side’ of your journey.

However, when you’re going through the healing process — and there are usually many layers of things to heal — you can feel like things are getting worse, or that nothing is happening, or that it isn’t working.

You may wonder why anyone would do this work because you feel so shitty when you’re in it.

But I can assure you that, even though it seems like it’s getting worse, it’s not.

What’s happening is that a particular wound that you’ve stuffed down in your body for so long is finally loosening and floating to the top so that it can be released once and for all.

The process of loosening, shifting, and releasing is what makes it feel like it’s getting worse, but again, I promise it’s not getting worse, it’s actually getting better.

So, now that you know what can happen during healing, you can use this awareness to keep going.

Refer to rule #1: keep showing up and keep doing the work. And you’ll soon find yourself on the other side of it feeling better than ever.

Rule #3: You must choose to do the things that feel good to your Soul

Here’s another area where your brain tries to hold you back.

You are likely conditioned (because of the general way that society operates) to believe that you have to work hard, hustle, push yourself, do things that you don’t necessarily want to do if you want to get ahead.

You’ve gotta climb that ladder. You’ve gotta work looooong hours to prove your worth. You’ve gotta make sacrifices — no time to relax, make art, play with the kids, cook healthy meals.

That stuff takes up too much time and you’ve gotta do everything you can to make things happen for yourself. That’s the only way to grow.

Lemme tell ya from firsthand experience that that’s a lie AND it’s 100% wrong.

There’s no faster way to get into burn out and misery than letting your brain trick you into believing you have to be doing and pushing in order to grow.

The way to true growth is to do things that feel good to your Soul.

That’s the only way you can learn about yourself deeply, and sometimes the only way in to the healing path.

Doing things that feel good to your Soul can look counterproductive, but they are things that truly energize you and help you get into alignment with your authentic self.

And they can look like you’re goofing off, being lazy, or procrastinating, but doing things that feel good is what lets your energy settle and helps you come back home to yourself.

When I notice that I’m pushing myself to get things done and I’m getting less and less productive, and more and more tired, I know that’s when it’s time to stop working and take some time doing one of my feel-good activities, like painting.

The more things I have to do and the busier my schedule is, the more important it is for me to take breaks from my work and do art or play with my oracle cards because those are things that nourish my spirit, revitalize my energy, restore my focus, and help me get my work done.

If I don’t make time to do things that feel good to my spirit, then I eventually grind to a halt and can’t get anything done, and am a crabby, raving bitch.

So as counterintuitive as it seems to go play when you have “work” to do, it is THE thing that helps you get back on track and be a better version of yourself than before.

Rule #4: It’s ALWAYS an inside job

This might be the most important and true of the unbreakable spiritual growth rules.

Personal and spiritual growth is ALWAYS an inside job.

Meaning, you will not be able to change your external world, your bad habits, your excuses, your patterns, without changing your inner world.

Your inner world consists of your unconscious and subconscious beliefs, your thoughts, your intuition, your vibration, your Soul language, knowing who you really are, and understanding why and how you operate.

The ONLY way to develop yourself spiritually and to grow personally is to upgrade and clean up your inner world.

When you do that, your outer world will change automatically as it recalibrates to match your new inner vibration.

That’s how you create permanent, lasting change in your world.

It does not work if you try to change your outer environment first. If your vibration hasn’t changed (which is an inner quality) then your outer world will not change either no matter how hard you try.

It’s always an inside job.

Putting it all together

Is there anything in here that surprised you? Anything that helped you understand what’s happening on your journey?

I hope this gives you the little push you needed to understand, to keep going, take your next empowered step.

There’s a reason it’s called a journey. You get there (if you ever really do) one step at a time.

Where are you in your journey? What are you struggling with? Let us know in the comments so we can support you and help you take the next step.

And if you need to chat to get yourself back on track. Schedule a free call with me. I’ve got your back.