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3 Roadblocks for spiritual entrepreneurs (and the way around them) - Seduction of Soul Studio


Image by Drew Hays on Unsplash

In my oracle card & intuition course, module #2 is about how to ask empowering questions. And as I was going through my students’ homework assignments and looking at the questions they wanted to ask their cards, I noticed a pattern. 

They have tons of questions about getting traction in their businesses. Some of the questions I saw were: 

  • What is holding me back from a wildly successful business?
  • What are my blocks career wise?
  • When will I get more clients?
  • How can I make my business more consistently profitable?
  • Why am I afraid to shine and be seen? 
  • How do I heal my relationship with money? (both a biz and a personal question)
  • How do I create money in my biz? 

These are all great questions to ask the cards for guidance and insights, and I know the cards will guide them in the right direction. 

I also know that the path to grow a business for a spiritual entrepreneur can be a long and winding road! 

But I have lots of experience learning to navigate the holes, bumps, sharp curves, & roadblocks of that road, and I would love to save you some time and energy in your life and business sharing what I know.

The truth about entrepreneurship and your business

Truth be told, I started my business in 2014 and it’s really only been the last 6 or 7 months that I’ve started getting traction, and started being able to see the fruits of my labor of love. So it took me 5 years just to get going (and it’s still very much a work in progress).

My husband said he would have quit 10 times by now had this been his business—that’s how long it’s been since I started trying! 

The first time I ran my oracle & intuition course a couple of years ago, I had 7 students in it. In the round I’m running now I have over 540 students – that’s a big difference! 

So what did I do to build up my business and reach more people? It’s not at all what you think. 

It’s not a certain tactic or strategy that I used (they didn’t work anyway). 

It’s not that I’m working with the *right* coach (although I do have a team of them!) 

And it’s not luck.

The truth is, there’s no strategy, tactic, system or bit of luck that will create a thriving business for you—especially if you are a healer, intuitive, reader, psychic, empath, sensitive, creative, or spiritual coach. None. They don’t work (at first. keep reading).

What creates a thriving business is being in alignment with who you are, knowing yourself deeply, and doing your own healing work first. 

I can’t stress enough how incredibly important and TRUE this is. 

There is NOTHING that has brought success to my business like doing my own internal healing work. For real.

And it’s not a one-time deal. I continue to work on my inner healing work ALL the time (and I still have a long way to go in my business too). 

I always have one or more Soul Art projects going, and you’ll often find me journaling, working with my cards, working on limiting beliefs, clearing and cleaning my energy, being willing to see, face, & integrate my shadow aspects, and working with my coaches. 

I know 1000% that this is true because I tried it the other way – many times. I thought, if i just knew how to send the perfect email series or if I really knew the launch process I could make big, consistent sales.

And that’s when I ran into the roadblocks. Let me tell you about them.

3 roadblocks that will stop you in your tracks

Roadblock #1: The perfect course

If you only knew how to do that perfect email series, knew the exact launch process, knew how to set up a sales funnel, or knew the right way to {fill in the blank} you would set it up and have money coming in. Right?

So you find a course to take and you enthusiastically enroll ready to give it your all. 

You have every intention to work on this course every day and implement what you learn. 

You are excited about it! You’re finally going to learn something that will work. 

Except… you don’t actually do it. You somehow can’t find the time to get to your course work. 

You might start the course. You might work on a module. But you just can’t get it done no matter how good your intentions are or how badly you want to make this happen. 

Other things happen that get in your way. Some days you just can’t concentrate on it. Emergencies happen. It’s hard and you don’t know the answers to the questions in the course anyway because you really aren’t sure exactly what you’re doing yet. 

And it finally ends up being pushed to the side never to be opened again. (which adds to your feelings of failure)

By the way, I can’t even tell you (because I don’t want to add it up!) how much money I’ve spent on courses I’ve never finished (or even started). 

Roadblock #2: Implementation

Now, if you’re one of the super determined ones, and you actually somehow make it through the course (pat yourself on the back!), the next roadblock is that you don’t implement what you learn. 

You procrastinate. You make excuses to yourself. You do other “important” things first so you don’t end up having time. 

It’s WAY harder than you thought it would be and you still have a million questions from the course because you aren’t really clear on what you’re doing. 

And you get even more bummed, wonder what’s wrong with you, and start to think that maybe you aren’t cut out for this entrepreneur stuff.

You go into comparison mode because you can’t understand why everyone else around you is having success and you can’t do it.

So instead of putting things in place that will help you, your vibration is going down and that’s the signal you’re sending out into the universe. 

Roadblock #3: It doesn’t work

Now, if you do manage to brute force your way through the course and implement what you learned, the 3rd roadblock is that it just won’t work.

 It doesn’t matter how much work you’ve done on it, it doesn’t land with your audience and so it doesn’t work. 

Your people don’t connect with it because the vibe you’re sending out through that thing that you’ve implemented isn’t really you. It isn’t your authentic vibrational signature—it’s something that’s coming from outside yourself to them so it doesn’t land. 

It doesn’t matter how perfect the work is, it isn’t authentically you and it doesn’t work. 

So, what works?

These 3 roadblocks are especially true for intuitives, empaths, sensitives, healers, creatives, spiritual coaches, woo-woo instructors, psychics… you know, our kind of people. 

I ran Facebook ads for my latest oracle & intuition course and got the attention and interest of over 540 like-minded people. We connected vibrationally thru my ad.

When I tried running Facebook ads the first time I ran my oracle & intuition course a few years ago, I got nothing. Zero. Not even a glance. 

But that was before I started doing my own healing work.

The reason my Facebook ads did so well attracting people this time is not just because it was a great ad or because I had the right target audience or anything like that. Those things helped, yes, but…

It’s because I’ve been doing A LOT of work on myself for the past few years, I am clear about who I am and what I’m offering, I know what it can do for people, I understand the value of it, and so the vibrational signal I’m sending out through those Facebook ads is much cleaner and stronger. The ads don’t have a bunch of energetic baggage of mine attached to them (anymore).

And here’s something else… I did take a course to help me launch this new version of my oracle & intuition course. And this time when I took the course, I easily and quickly did all the work in the course. 

I was able to prioritize it in my schedule and I could give myself the time and space I needed to do all of the assignments in the course. 

I answered every question presented in the course. I knew the answers because I have learned so much about who I am here to be and serve. 

I easily implemented every step of the course. And then I had success with it. 

And that’s truly because I’ve been working on myself. 

Seriously, working on myself—my mindset, my beliefs, my inner child, my energy—has been the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my business (and my life). 

When you do the work to clear out and release what no longer serves you, figure out who you are, upgrade your belief system, heal your money relationship, heal the wounds you’ve been carrying throughout your life, face your shadows, get closure from the past, learn how to forgive, learn how to love and care for yourself, learn how to witness yourself, and get into alignment with who you are here to be, THEN the strategies will work. 

And believe me, I still have a ton more work to do on myself. I have so much to learn in my business and way more room to grow. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’ve finally started getting consistent, solid traction because I’ve been taking my own medicine!  

When you work on yourself and you create clarity and alignment, the strategies then work because the energy you are sending out through those strategies is clear. The strategies are no longer ways to try to make sales, but they become sacred containers through which your business can flow. 

They give your energy channels of circulation in the world so you can share your sacred medicine (giving) and be cared for in an even energy exchange in return (receiving). 

This is when things really start to get fun!! 

So, if you feel stuck in your business, or you wonder why it’s trickling in instead of bringing you bigger success, or you just can’t seem to get it together in your biz, then start focusing on your own healing and growth. 

You can still work in your business in the meantime. 

The external world, including the state of your business, is a direct reflection of your inner world so if your outer world isn’t what you want it be, then most likely neither is your inner world. 

Start there. You’ll be amazed at how life and business change when you work on your inner healing first.