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15 free online oracle decks - Seduction of Soul Studio

free online oracle decks

There are times when you don’t have your tarot or oracle cards with you or you want to try a new deck, and it’s great to have a list of free online oracle decks saved for quick access.

Note: if you’re enrolled in my course Awakening Your Intuition with Oracle Cards, give yourself a chance to interpret the card with your intuition before you go right to reading the message on the screen.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of 15 free online oracle decks… Actually, these are 15 free online oracle resources.

Some of these links below have multiple decks to choose from so you have lots of options.

Either way, save this list for easy access when you need it!

#1: Colette Baron-Reid

CBR offers 3 of her decks (at the time of this writing) to choose from. Click on the image of a deck to reveal the cards, then click the cards to spread them out.

Then, choose 3 cards. The cards are revealed below the spread-out deck, so scroll down to see what you picked.

You can then click on each card you picked to see the position in the spread and the message of the card.

She sometimes has an extra ‘pick a card‘ link for a new deck that she’s promoting so look around on the page if you want more options.

#2: Diana Cooper

On Diana Cooper’s page you land on an image that says ‘pick a card‘ but you actually have to scroll down the page to choose one of the 5 decks for your reading.

Click on the deck you want and one card is revealed to you.

Some of them have a message with them, and some just display the card with no message.

#3: Heart Ki

At Heart Ki you can choose how you want the cards fanned out and choose between 3 decks (the one that’s showing plus 2 others), then click on a card to reveal a simple text reading. There are no images associated with these readings so if you want to interpret the card image yourself, you’ll have to use a different deck.

#4: Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger is another one you have to scroll down the page a bit. There are 2 rows of readings to choose from separated by an ad, so make sure you scroll all the way down.

Click on ‘shuffle cards‘ to reveal your reading.

Again, make sure to scroll down the page to see all your cards because there are a lot of ads on these pages that distract you from what you’re looking at.

You can click on the name of a card to get more info.

#5: Eva Tarot

The Eva Tarot app has the most interesting visual experience of your cards on the screen. Click on ‘begin the reading‘ then follow the instructions on each screen until your reading is revealed.

You’ll have to pick cards several times (for different reasons) and the cards make different patterns on the screen as you watch.

The app then asks your gender (so it can use the correct pronouns in your reading) and if you want a deeper reading from the resident tarot reader, then finally reveals your reading.

This reading actually interprets the cards for you instead of just showing you the meaning for each individual card, BUT it really just picks out canned paragraphs to link together to create your reading so take it with a grain of salt.

Better yet, interpret the cards yourself using your intuition and forget the canned responses.

I received the same exact paragraph in different readings multiple times.

#6: Free Online Card Readings

On the freeonlinecardreadings.com page, you have to scroll down the page quite a ways to get to the free readings. But you’ll know you’re there when you see the rows and rows of decks to choose from.

This site has 6 pages of decks — 12 decks on each page (except for page 6 which only has 6 decks). Click on ‘pick-a-card‘ under the deck of your choice to reveal a one-card reading.

#7: Free Tarot Reading

At the time of this writing, Freetarotreading.com offered a free reading from The Blue Oracle as the main offering on the page, and also offered free tarot readings and free oracle readings if you scroll down and look at the right side of the page.

Click on whichever type of reading you want, choose your deck, then click on ‘continue’ at the bottom of the image two times to spread the cards out.

This site doesn’t always give you instructions on how many cards to pick (which varies with the deck you choose) so just keep clicking on cards until your reading is revealed.

You can click on ‘next card‘ and ‘previous card‘ to scroll through the cards in your reading, or click on ‘visualize cards‘ to see an image of the cards you chose.

#8: Gaian Tarot

Super simple. Gaian Tarot offers a 3-card reading of ‘opportunity, challenge, resolution’. Click on the deck to reveal your reading.

#9: Salem Tarot

Salem Tarot offers a simple 3-card reading of past, present, future (of course you could specify 3 different meanings for those positions in the spread before pulling your cards).

When you point at the deck of cards (with your mouse on a computer) the deck appears to shuffle.

Click on it when you have shuffled enough to reveal your reading.

#10: Dajuana

Dajuana uses an animal spirits oracle deck and gives you the choice between 10 different spreads. Click on ‘Shuffle & Read‘ under the spread you want to reveal your reading.

#11: Llewellyn

Llewellyn lets you select from 10 decks, 8 different spreads, and they ask if you want to include reversed cards in your reading or not.

This is the only free online site I’ve seen that asks about reversed cards which is pretty cool.

Once you have your options selected, click on ‘Show tarot reading’ to reveal your reading.

#12: xTarot

xTarot is a simple site. Click on the shuffling cards to fan them out, then click on one card to reveal it and its message.

You can click on ‘more about this tarot card‘ under the card’s brief description to get more information.

#13: Ask Angels

Ask Angels offers angel card readings. Simply click the fanned cards to reveal your chosen card and message.

They also offer a guide called ‘How to do an Angel Card Reading in 7 Simple Steps‘ and a video to show you how to give accurate angel card readings.

#14: Power Flower Essences

Power Flower Essences offers 3 decks for you to try.

You can type in your question (but why I’m not sure because they don’t show it to you in your results), then click the ‘Pick a Card‘ button to reveal your one-card reading.

#15: Indie Goes

Indie Goes offers 28 decks from which to get a sample reading.

They only offer 11 cards from each deck so you’ll have to buy the deck or download the app if you want to have access to all the cards in it, but this is a great way to try it out.

Click on the image of the deck you want to sample to reveal the card chosen for you.

Then click on the card to see the meaning of that card.

That’s it and that is a LOT of decks to have access to at the tip of your fingers! I hope this comes in handy for you.

Do you know of any other resources I could add to this list? Let me know!